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IBM Storage

When you need to optimize your data economics, IBM's storage solutions are second to none. Concord Technology's partnership with IBM provides our clients in the Cleveland area with access to the world leader in computer information technology. When it comes to storing your most sensitive data, you can count on IBM's century tradition in the industry for complete peace of mind.

IBM understands that today's electronic way of doing business is putting a data strain on businesses of all sizes. As the amount of data business owners must contend with continues to increase each year, storing it - and in turn accessing it - becomes more and more of a drain. IBM provides the storage infrastructure business owners need to get a handle on all this data. By leveraging one of Concord Technology's IBM storage solutions, our clients are better able to gain insights from their data. As a result, they obtain an advantage over the competition.

Following are some of the IBM Storage options Concord Technology offers:

  • Elastic Storage - a defined storage solution that provides storage agility and efficiency for today's applications
  • IBM SAN Volume Controller - a defined storage offering that improves infrastructure flexibility and data economics
  • XIV® Cloud Storage for Service Providers - a powerful, cloud-optimal enterprise storage primed for a dynamic world
  • TS4500 Tape Library - a next-generation tape solution that delivers higher storage density and integrated management
  • DS8870 - a storage solution designed to effectively and efficiently manage a broad scope of storage workloads that exist in today's complex data center
  • IBM Storwize® - innovative, virtualized storage for software-defined environments
  • FlashSystem™ - an all-flash storage system that is used to make applications and data centers faster and more efficient


Whether you require a disk storage system; flash storage, tape, virtual tape and media storage; storage area networks; software defined storage; support and training or resources and tools, Concord Technology can set you up with the right storage solution from IBM. With IBM Storage safeguarding your data, you have nothing to lose … and everything to gain.