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IBM Servers

Concord Technology’s suite of IBM server products runs the gamut from tower and rack servers to workload optimized and expert integrated systems. Read on for a brief overview of each of the IBM server solutions we make available to our customers.

Tower servers – If you are a small business owner, IBM’s tower servers are designed to meet your remote environments and standalone requirements. Performance, efficiency and reliability can be yours with an affordable tower server solution from IBM.

Rack servers – Small to midsize enterprises will find a solution to their diverse set of complex business-critical workloads in IBM’s rack servers. This line of IBM servers is also suited to segmented workloads and "fit for purpose" applications.

High-density servers – Today’s computer-intensive operations demand a powerful platform. IBM’s line of high-density servers meet that demand with unparalleled power. Whether it is technical computing, grid, analytics, cloud or all of the above, IBM offers a high-density server to handle your requirements seamlessly.

Enterprise servers – Your enterprise depends on heavy vertical workloads. The high-end rack and blade servers that are part of the IBM enterprise server suite are suited for such demanding workloads. In addition, they are designed to efficiently handle virtualization and legacy system replacements. They represent the best of X-Architecture® technology, leveraging decades of mainframe server design to deliver an open and affordable, industry-standard server platform.

Blade servers – When your operations depend on reliability, security and performance, only an industry pioneer will do. IBM is your trusted pioneer in blade servers. The blade server technology IBM offers supports the unique demands of your business, no matter its size or industrial focus.

Workload optimized systems – From NeXtScale systems, to iDataPlex, to Intelligent Cluster, IBM provides a workload optimized server system to meet your specific enterprise needs.

Expert integrated systems – When it comes to an integrated server solution, the PureFlex System from IBM combines all the functionalities today’s businesses require. Computing, storage, networking, virtualization and management all rolled into a single infrastructure system, IBM’s integrated systems expertly sense and anticipate your resource needs to optimize your infrastructure.

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