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HP Servers

Concord Technology offers a wide range of HP server products. Following is a brief discussion of each of the Hewlett Packard server solutions we make available to our customers. Please click through to learn more about a specific HP server product.

HP BladeSystem - If you're looking to more than triple your return on investment, the BladeSystem server line from HP with HP OneView may be just the right server solution to serve your needs. It offers double the performance at half the size with the simplest means of connecting to servers.

HP Hyperscale - The Hyperscale server solution from HP is designed for performance and efficiency when it comes to scale-out workloads. Today's IT environments demand greater connectivity. The ability to expand to meet the requirements of the smart device explosion is also critical to their success. The HP Hyperscale suite of server products is poised to exceed these demands.

HP Mission-critical - If your business can't afford to stop, the continuous business HP's suite of mission-critical server products provides won't let you down. These server solutions from Hewlett Packard offer unparalleled resiliency, availability and security for all your mission-critical environments.

HP Rack and Tower - If you're seeking the world's most intelligent servers, HP's lineup of rack and tower server products fills the bill. Capable of handling more users, processing more queries and conducting faster analysis, HP's rack and tower servers give your business the competitive edge it needs to compete in today's demanding environments.

HP Management - The industry's most popular server management system, HP Management helps you unlock your infrastructure's potential. It gives customers like you full control of their entire server management infrastructure. Enjoy the increased efficient this HP server product has to offer.

HP Rack and Power Infrastructure - The suite of HP rack and power infrastructure products lays the foundation for long-term IT success. From power and cooling to cable management and system access, you can trust Hewlett Packard to deliver efficient, easy-to-use server capabilities.