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Dell Servers and Cloud Services

Dell Servers and Cloud Services Company Reseller

At Concord Technology, we give our clients access to all of the most well-known names in the server sphere. Among our offerings are the PowerEdge line of Dell servers and the full range of Dell's Cloud services. The suite of Dell server options we make available to our clientele include:

  • Tower Servers - Businesses who are seeking value, flexibility and a range of performance options will find such a combination in Dell's tower servers. Depending on your situation, the size of your business and the robustness you require, choose from among the PowerEdge T110 tower server, the PowerEdge T320 tower server and the PowerEdge T420 tower server.

  • Rack Servers – Do your operations require multiple servers? Is space at a premium for your business? If you answer yes to either or both of these questions, then a Dell rack server is likely a suitable choice for your business. Dell offers PowerEdge R220, R320 and R420 rack servers to fit a wide spectrum of wants. Are price, the saving of time and quietness important to you as a business owner? Try the R220 rack server from Dell. Need enterprise-class features? Then Dell's R320 rack server fills the bill. Desirous of energy-efficiency and next-generation processing? The R420 rack server from Dell is designed to meet your needs.

  • Shared Infrastructure – If your IT resources are limited, Dell also extends several shared infrastructure server options. These server solutions are ideally suited to small and mid-sized operations as well as enterprise remote and branch offices.

  • Blade Server Solutions – If only the latest high-performance technologies will do, Dell's lineup of blade server solutions delivers. They offer high-density computing under even the most demanding workloads. Contact us to discuss whether the M420, M520 or M620 Dell PowerEdge blade server is right for you.

Additionally, the suite of Dell cloud services that Concord Technology avails its customers to includes:

  • Dell Cloud Dedicated Services – If private Cloud computing that allows you to maintain the strictest control over your data and applications is your preference, then Dell's Cloud dedicated services put you in the driver's seat. Dedicated Cloud hosting through Dell can take place from your own IT or in a secure Dell data center.

  • Dell Cloud On Demand – Dell partners with a range of trusted Cloud on demand providers. Amazon, Joynet, ScaleMatrix, Microsoft Azure, Peer 1, ZeroLag, CenturyLink, FireHost, R Systems and Google Cloud Platform are some of the Cloud on demand names you'll recognize for the best in Cloud security, reliability and performance.