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Is your network security all that it could be? If you haven’t assessed your firewall and associated security measures in a while, you could be more vulnerable to hidden threats than you think. With today’s technology advancing at such a rapid-fire pace, it is hard for most firewalls to keep up. Fortinet firewalls are different. By always staying on the cutting-edge of that technology, they provide the most powerful protection on the market.

Recently, Fortinet has taken its reputation for being the best firewall in the industry to a whole new level with next generation firewalls. A next generation firewall from Fortinet is faster and more intelligent than a traditional firewall. It also integrates Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Deep Packet Inspection to combat sophisticated modern-day attacks. As a result, it affords businesses several unparalleled enhancements in network security.

More specifically, a next generation firewall from Fortinet can:

  • Block employees from accessing questionable and unsecure websites
  • Leverage technologies like reputation filtering
  • Enable the establishment and enforcement of identity-based application usage policies
  • Sweep traffic at the application layer with the aim of preventing intrusions
  • Afford business owners an unobstructed view into their network activity and bandwidth consumption


To find out more about the firewalls from Fortinet that industry experts have lauded for being a potent unified threat management (UTM) option for consultants, for their aggressive price and performance points, for their easy migration path as network speeds increase, and for being a strong source of threat and vulnerability information, give Concord Technology a call. 

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