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HP Networking
Concord Technology Group's status as a certified Hewlett Packard Business Partner puts HP's full commercial suite of networking products in our clients' hands. From switches, wireless LAN, network security and routers, to network management, unified communications, application delivery platforms & solutions, rich media communications, and transceivers and accessories, you'll find the HP network solution you're seeking at Concord Technology.

HP Networking Switches
If you're looking to reduce the complexity of your network-and who isn't?-you'll find that and more, including superior reliability, proven performance, and comprehensive features, in Hewlett Packard's switches.

HP Networking Wireless LAN
The intelligent 802.11n wireless networking solutions that HP networking offers provide access, management, and security for your business no matter its size. In addition, these wireless LANs afford the flexibility of easily tailoring your network to meet your changing business needs.

HP Networking Network Security
If you're seeking a complete set of security solutions that address today's sophisticated security threats at both the perimeter and the interior of your business, you'll find that peace of mind and more in Hewlett Packard's network security.

HP Networking Routers
The routers that are included as part of Hewlett Packard's networking solutions provide a robust array of wide area connectivity options. In addition, they offer easy-to-use virtual private network (VPN) capabilities as well as comprehensive security features.

HP Networking Network Management
The Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Hewlett Packard offers is a unified, single-point network management solution. It provides visibility across entire networks, enabling complete management of resources, services, and users.

HP Networking Unified Communications
When only proven, integrated communications to your customers around the world will do, the unified communications from Hewlett Packard networking fill the bill. Networking clients who value high-performance solutions with minimized complexity and cost will find that and more with HP unified communications.

HP Networking Application Delivery Platforms & Solutions
A portfolio suite, Hewlett Packard networking's application delivery platforms & solutions provide the capability to host best-in-class AllianceONE applications in the areas of Security, Mobility, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), and Infrastructure.

HP Networking Rich Media Communications
The rich media communications offered by Hewlett Packard networking allow you to build for the future. They provide the industry's most modern, scale-out storage that is specifically built for today's virtualization, cloud, and explosion in structured and unstructured data.

HP Networking Transceivers and Accessories
The pluggable transceivers Hewlett Packard networking offers provide reliable speed and flexibility for all HP product platforms that support pluggable transceiver technology.