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Actions speak louder than code.

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Actions speak louder than code.


Ransomware, which encrypts files until the owner pays a fee, is an epidemic. Kaspersky Labs recently reported a five-fold increase in attacks in the past year. Increasingly sophisticated phishing accounts for some of this surge, but the fact is that hackers are overwhelming many traditional defenses.

Most anti-virus systems are signature-based, meaning that they are designed to recognize all known malware. The problem with that approach is that even hackers with only moderate skills can tweak the code just enough to help the bug avoid detection. There are now at least 120 families of ransomware, according to the BBC, and new variants are discovered almost every day. Even with vigilant patching, you're likely to be vulnerable to many of them at any given time.

This is where behavior analysis threat detection comes in.

"Behavior-based detection mechanisms are now playing a key role in detecting and preventing ransomware-based attacks," cybersecurity expert Udi Shamir told TechCrunch. "While there may be many ransomware variants in the wild, they all share a common set of traits that can be detected during execution."

Behavior-detection tools pay attention to what an application does, not just what it "looks" like. If it walks like a duck, if it swims like a duck, etc.

Our partner Fortinet offers an Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Framework that can, among many other things, spot malware designed to evade detection by traditional security solutions. The system recently earned certification from ICSA Labs.

Small and mid-sized businesses are not immune to ransomware attacks - and too many are unprepared. Contact us to learn how we can help.