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The Rule of Two

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The Rule of Two


If you can’t afford to lose your Internet connection, you can’t afford just one.


Recently we met with the staff of a software company that hosts applications for their clients on a server in their office. The problem is, the 10mb fiber connection occasionally goes down. When that happens, their clients lose access to tools they need and can’t even access the company’s web site for support. It’s sort of like inviting people over for a party, then discovering that your front door is jammed and you can’t let your guests in.

Some businesses already invest in backup equipment and second (and sometimes third) Internet connections. Most, however, are like the software company, relying on a single link to the outside world. Even if you aren’t providing services to clients over an Internet connection, one outage can mean many hours of lost productivity and revenue. We’ve been on the receiving end of calls from panicked business owners who were literally losing money by the minute. Unfortunately, once an outage occurs, you’re at the mercy of the provider.

This is why we recommend preventing a crisis with redundant connections — and not just for clients like the software company whose entire business model depends on the Internet. Most businesses today are relying at least in part on cloud-based services, for data backup, email, accounting, online marketing, customer relations and other important functions. In almost every industry, redundancy is critical.

Here’s what we mean. If we’re helping a client with the delivery of a fiber connection from one carrier, we’ll also suggest a second connection — from another fiber carrier for a large business, or a DSL or coaxial line for a small business. These clients often use the fiber as their primary connection and route wireless traffic over the secondary.

In the past, if your primary connection went down, you would have to reprogram the secondary connection IPs into your network, which can be difficult if you outsource your IT. Today you can buy a piece of equipment that is smart enough to recognize a dropped connection and default to the other connection automatically. This is like a side door through which your party guests can enter when the front door won’t open.

No matter who’s providing it, your Internet service will go down. It’s not a matter of if, but when. How much would that cost you per hour? Per day? If the impact would be minimal but you’d rather not take chances, there are affordable options. If a lost connection would be crippling, the lost revenue and productivity will surpass what a backup connection will cost. Whatever your needs, we can help.

Scott Minor is a Technology Consultant for Concord Technology Group. He can be reached at