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Telecom Can be Trickiest Part of Office Move

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Telecom Can be Trickiest Part of Office Move


We've heard enough horror stories from SMB owners who have relocated to know that there are a lot of misconceptions about what's involved in moving your telecommunication system. The bad news is, this is not something that can happen overnight. The good news: With some planning, the disruption can be minimal.

The biggest mistake you can make is to leave the task to someone who doesn't understand the technology and services. This might include your IT staff, if they don't have a background in voice and Internet. Don't assume that your most tech-savvy team member can handle it; there's a lot more involved than unplugging and packing. This isn't just about making and receiving calls; it's also about your Internet connection and online presence, which are just as important.

A smooth transition requires coordination with your phone and Internet vendor(s). To handle it internally, you'll need a team of people who understand their roles. Here are some of the things they'll need to consider:

  • Coordinating dates and types of services with the carriers.
  • Moving of main lines and fax lines and any other important numbers.
  • Do you want dual service set up?
  • Do you want an intercept message or do you want the main line forwarded?
  • Does the phone vendor have all the necessary DIDs (direct inward dialing numbers) to program into the phones?
  • Does the IT vendor have the necessary IP address information to program the routers and firewalls?
  • Do you need to upgrade any telco-related equipment?
  • Will you need to change your phone or fax number?
  • Have you changed the address on your web site and Google Maps?


And don't forget about cancelling service at the site you're leaving, to avoid extra bills.

If you have never been involved in a move, we do not recommend trying to manage the process on your own. Knowing what questions to ask, and where to find the answers, makes all the difference. If you're planning or contemplating a move, contact us.