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No Fiber? No problem!


If you have fiber-optic cable Internet access at your office, you probably don’t think much about those who don’t. And if you don’t have it, you’re not alone. Only about 25 percent of the country is currently wired, according to BroadbandNow, an advocacy organization. In Ohio, just over 10 percent of residents have access to a fiber connection.

“The biggest benefit of fiber is that it can offer much faster speeds over much longer distances than traditional copper-based technologies like DSL and cable,” BroadbandNow writes. “The biggest limitation hindering widespread fiber optic adoption is the cost requirements of implementing new fiber optic lines when old infrastructures such as DSL and cable are still serving customers.”

In other words, fiber service providers will fill in the dead zones when it suits them. A few cities, like Hudson, are planning their own networks, but this won’t help businesses in farther-flung exurbs and rural areas.

But those businesses do have options for higher speeds than cable and DSL can provide, and possibly at lower costs. The technology for wireless connections continues to improve, and even more important new providers are getting in the game, says Scott Minor, CTG’s new director of sales. He recently helped a client that wanted to provide 100mbps service to homes and businesses in New Philadelphia.

“This will really change the landscape in these rural areas,” Minor says. Some are already using wireless as their primary connection, for Internet access, VoIP or both.

“I can get as many as 10 quotes for service, and advise my clients on which look best,” he adds. “If I’m competing with retail on price, I can blow retail out of the water.”

For a free consultation on wireless Internet connection options, contact Scott Minor at or 440-210-3244.