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Client Focus: Protection Zone Security

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Client Focus: Protection Zone Security


In June 2014, thousands of businesses and homes in Middleburg Heights, Ohio suffered through a two-hour power outage. For Protection Zone Security, the real trouble started when the electricity was restored. The surge burned out the power supply and other components in Protection Zone's server.

PZS provides security systems for homes and businesses across Northeast Ohio. Clients weren't affected, but the server held all of the company's business records, including its customer data base and financials. This was a serious dilemma with long-term implications.

Owner Paul Nelson called Concord.

Six months prior, PZS had purchased our data backup and recovery service. This involves on-site installation of an appliance that backs up the main server, and also sends the data to the cloud. So when Nelson called, our first step was to visit his office and switch his computers over to the backup appliance. Within an hour of the crippling power surge, PZS had full access to all of its data.

Next we examined the fried server. Ordering replacement parts, waiting for delivery and installing them took about a week. During that week, however, PZS was able to work as if nothing had happened.

Nelson says that total data loss could have been a catastrophe for his 16-year-old business. Reconstructing all of those files, he says, "obviously would have been very cumbersome and taken a lot of time."

Fortunately he didn't have to find out. Even in the event of a catastrophic loss - if the power surge had caused a fire, for example - PZS could have accessed its data just as easily, from anywhere, thanks to the cloud backup.

"This just goes to show you, a random occurrence can have a devastating effect," says Concord's Andy Lingenfelter. Incidents as mundane as coffee spills or as rare as lightning strikes can damage servers, stranding critical data. A data backup and recovery service can make the difference between mishap and meltdown.

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